• September 20, 2019
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Locks and handles for your boat

The safety of your boat depends on your locks and handles so insure your boat and choose the best in Barcos.online there we will find the largest catalog of accessories on the European continent.
If we want to be up to date with new nautical accessories such as closures and handles, the best thing is to follow barcos-online on their social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
You can also request closures and marksmen through their official website or send them an email to [email protected] They also have WhatsApp, contact them at +34 629802940
What are they?
If you have to open and close doors, lockers, wardrobes, lids or any other part of the furniture that requires it, you will need a nautical closing that allows it.
These closures for boats are different from those we usually have on land because we need to be sure that a bad weather or a simple wave will not open or damage.
Therefore, these locks, handles, bolts, lashings and latches will allow us to keep any part of the nautical furniture stowed.
Quality marine handles and closures prevent furniture from breaking or falling and avoid any damage that could be caused by normal use of the ship.
These are definitely essential to maintain the basic care of our ship.
Which ones can you get?
You can order magnetic nautical lashings, marine locks for recessing, different handles for hatches, latches and knob handles.
In the case of doors and to keep certain things under lock, you always have the option of opting for chrome marine locks, mortise locks, with anti-vibration system, chrome cylinder locks, among others.
The good thing about these locks is that they come in a great variety of models and are always made with resistant, anticorrosive and durable materials, such as stainless steel or brass.
If you don’t need keys, you can select magnetic locks and nautical stoppers. Other options include door fasteners, trinco stops, latches and adjustable locks.
Boat door handles are another accessory not to be missed in this list. They come in different models and sizes, allowing not only to secure our doors, but, that their design can become part of the ship.
You can find from a brass handle 95mmx70mm chrome of optimal quality to the always useful closures.
An example of this are the 110x115mm engine cover locks and the 60mm stainless steel locks with key that secure our ship and allow us to navigate without problems.
Are you looking for closures and handles for boats at a good price? Consult the nautical specialists who work to give you the best service and the widest variety to your ship.
With more than 60,000 products from the best manufacturers in Europe, in Barcos.online we will find everything we need to prevent any inconvenience during our navigation.
So don’t think twice and order your closures and handles through their website and join the thousands of satisfied customers who have placed their trust in this experienced store.